Our Mission

Our mission is to provide seamless marketing solutions to businesses all over the world.

Multilingual Customer Service

We can provide translation of web content, interactive communication centres, staffing of regional phone centres, web hosting and support … all at extremely competitive rates!

Accounting Support

We tailor our services to fit your needs and budget. We provide basic accounting functions to free up valuable time so you can concentrate on growing and running your business.

Legal Corporate Service

We offer a comprehensive list of legal services starting from business inception to termination. We offer consultation and legal advice on every aspect of your business.

Online Marketing Solutions

We use the power of email to enhance Merchant-Customer relationships, reach potential customers, engage with current database and promote new offers.

Affiliate Marketing

Our International Marketing Affiliate Program offers you new opportunities to build your business, earn referral fees, and attract new customers to your website.

We offer services to help you achieve all your business goals

Our focus is consumer response and ensuring a lasting relationship between you and your clients.

Lead Intention is your partner in developing comprehensive online and offline acquisition marketing programs. We are an experienced and fast-growing international marketing services company with partner offices in Vancouver, Toronto, Miami, New York, Tanger, Hong Kong, Pune, Sydney.