We offer a comprehensive list of legal services starting from business inception to termination.

We offer consultation and legal advice on every aspect of your business. We service clients ranging from small and medium enterprises to large multi-national corporations.

Endorsement of Contract

An endorsement can add coverage for acts or things not covered as part of the original policy and can be added at the inception of the policy or later during the term of the policy.

Corporate Records Maintenance

Companies should store corporate records in a safe and accessible place. The records may include incorporation documents, bylaws and other documentation regarding the company including registered name documentation, reinstatement of corporation records and lapsed ownership records.

Company Setup

We can assist you in understanding your legal obligations, deciding what kind of company structure is right for you, registering your company, and anything else you may need to start and maintain a smooth-running business.

Preparation and Review of Contracts

A successful project starts with a good contract. We do not advise anyone to sign any contract when not entirely familiar with every obligation the contract entails. We offer contract preparation and review to ensure our clients will not be taken advantage of.

Bank Account Setup

There are a lot of decisions to be made and confusing jargon to go through. We will assist you step-by-step and advise you on the best options.

Legal Consultation

We provide legal advice regarding a wide range of corporate issues. We have a team of in-house lawyers with credentials to provide core legal services and meet any requirement.

Post-Office Box Setup

Post office boxes offer a virtual office address that helps increase a business’s professional profile. Owning a P.O. Box also eliminates the need for a change of address if a business relocates.