Our Online Marketing arm is focused mainly on email campaigns.

We use the power of email to enhance Merchant-Customer relationships, reach potential customers, engage with current database and promote new offers. We also offer extensive market research and provide quick customer response.

Brand Management

Our team will work around the clock to promote and protect your brand across all media platforms. We have team members whose only job is to troll the internet looking for blogs, chats, comments, etc. relating to our clients.

Social Media Marketing

The next big thing for business, we focus on great customer service, establishing brand loyalty and implementing the latest marketing strategies. Facebook Media Purchasing is just one of our areas of expertise.

Email Marketing

We manage subscribers, auto-responders and email newsletters. We ensure your mail gets to where it needs to go and that it stands out so it gets read.

Network Traffic Management

When working with Kainero, you can rest assured that you are driving the highest quality traffic to your offers. Our skilled network management team works around the clock to maintain complete control over all network activity. The result: maximized performance, efficiency, and security.

Facebook Media Buying

Grow your sales by driving ultra-targeted Facebook traffic directly to your offer. Kainero’s strategic relationships allow us to buy Facebook traffic directly, targeting only those with high intent for your offer, including a wide range of products ranging from skin cream to cell phone accessories. Leave the guess work out of media buying on Facebook and let our seasoned experts take the wheel. Our Facebook network management team leverages the best in breed technology to only deliver the most qualified traffic with utmost quality assurance.

Website Creation

We make your website look like your business but on the internet. We will get your business online in no time.